Martina's Broadway HORROR Cabaret

Twin Cities Horror Festival 

October 25th November 2nd

Directed by Seth Gabriel-Mayotte

Music Direction by Martino Gabriel-Mayotte

  Martina and her ghouls are back for a frightful and fierce evening in tribute to the Great White Way! 

  Come enjoy an evening of Broadway frights, and Halloween sights as Bat Boy, Martina (with the help of her Sister-Witches) vampires, zombies, and more icons sing, dance and entertain to the tune of Broadway’s biggest hits and most hideous flops.  Can our boyz band together to saver Regan from the Devil?  Will Martina and Bat Boy end up together forever or will they fizzle out in a flame of passion?  With music from The Addams Family, The Wiz, A Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, The Witches of Eastwick, Xanadu, Bat Boy and many more musical gems, the evening promises to be a night of fun, fright, and fabulous! 

  On Halloween come dressed up, you’ll win if you have the “Queerest Costume”!!!!

The Southern Theater

1420 S Washington Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55454

Silver Slipper Productions was created in 2006 by Seth and Martino Gabriel-Mayotte to create exciting Queer and Gender-Neutral theatre experiences!!

The Lady Martina-(An exercise is Silliness)

Martina Marraccino, the Broadway Baby of the Twin Cities, delivers 3 sets of her favorite material, a combination of live singing, piano and lip sync performances. She is assisted by Seth Gabriel-Mayotte as co-MC and "relief pianist". The material ranges from Britney Spears mash-ups, to Broadway hits; classical, jazz and whatever the heck she is in the mood for. With Martina the audience plays BINGO, Mo-Fey-Straight, Name That Tune (Barnyard Edition) and more silly nonsense games!
For extra special events Martina invites a local entertainer to be her guest for the evening. This guest could be a Vocalist, Dancer, Drag Queen/King, Comedian, Musical Theater performer, or something in between!

To Book The Lady Martina email

Christopher Street -staged reading- 
June 22nd 2015 

-No Cover-

Directed by Emilia Allen

Music Direction by Adara Bryan

It’s 1978 and three small town, middle-American, young men find their way to New York City, each for their own reason. They find themselves smack dab in the middle of the Christopher Street Liberation Day festival, where they come face to face with a cast of colorful characters and big personalities. They end up in desperate need and are taking under-wing by the gay community. We see a group of friends deal with these boys and with each other in a post-Stonewall, pre-AIDS period where everything was changing very quickly. The musical shows the human beneath the paint of our communities more outrageous characters, and points out how much we can learn about ourselves when we open ourselves up. There will be a staged reading of the script and performances of the entirety of the score. Music and Lyrics by Martino and Seth Gabriel-Mayotte, Book by Seth Gabriel-Mayotte

Mattie's On Main
43 Main St SE
Minneapolis, Minnesota